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The one out-of-character thing Sherlock does?


Okay, so that one out-of-character thing Sherlock does Steven Moffat has been teasing the entire Sherlock fandom about? The one that’s a massive clue to unraveling the mysteries of The Reichenbach Fall?  What if it’s this?


Sherlock Holmes is not wearing gloves while investigating a crime scene.  Not only is that just generally out of character for Sherlock Holmes, I’ve went looking and this is the first time this has occurred in the series as far as I can tell.  Something? Nothing?

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That last 3 frames before the loop. HOLY FUCK.

Do you SEE how young and utterly unprepared for this he is?

This is the boy Mrs Hudson sees, the teen Mycroft can’t help but be frustrated by, and the man inside the machine John would die to protect. 

Because Sherlock, in his way, is so very vulnerable, even if he never sees it. Or more, chooses to hide this vulnerability even from himself.

So very unprepared to deal with his own humanity. 

His own emotions.

And right here, we can see that vulnerability, that emotion plainly and so obviously.

That last 3 frames?

They break my damn heart.


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